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IF you are an affluent family that has ever suffered LOSSES with your investments, you’ll have an idea of how you can stop the bleeding in your investments today with your Strategic Financial Plan “SFP.”  We’ll design and implement your SFP for you via our Investment Planning Services.  Did you lose money during each of the past 4 major bear markets in 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2008?  Did you lose money in 2011?  Would you like a plan that gives you a high probability of not losing money on your investments NOW or during the next bear market?  Perhaps you’d like gains in your portfolio to be true gains, versus just recapturing old losses?

How about earning better than average returns on your investments, and beating the market, all while taking less risk than the stock market as measured by the S&P 500 and its corresponding Beta?  Just bring ALL of your investment statements with you to your Assessment and we’ll uncover just how much in investment losses you’ve been voluntarily giving to the Stock Market.  You can sleep better at night knowing that your investments are better protected TODAY and in the FUTURE from further losses while knowing with a high degree of confidence what the projected and expected returns on your investments will be to help you accomplish your financial goals over the next 5, 10 or 15 years.

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One of the main reasons we exist is to serve as a trusted advisor and a fiduciary to our clients.  By serving in this capacity, we ensure that our client’s goals and objectives are always our number one priority while our goals and objectives as a firm are secondary.

Through Winning The Money Game, we offer Wealth Management and Investment Advisory services to our clients.  Working with some of the top private wealth managers, we design and implement investment plans that help affluent families experience growth on their investments, with less risk, so they can achieve or maintain financial independence, and have peace of mind.  If onerous taxes are a concern, our sister company, Winning The Money Game With Ike, offers advanced tax planning strategies to minimize your tax concerns.

Everything You Don’t Know About Achieving Financial Independence 

Winning The Money GameWinning The Money Game is a must read for anyone who wants to know the real truth about achieving financial independence. Find out what you don’t know about spending, saving, investing, insuring and planning wisely for the future…so you can achieve financial independence!

In my 15 plus years as a financial strategist, I have found that many of my clients have needed to make a “shift” in their thinking in order to achieve the financial goals they desire. Several years of being in the trenches and experimenting with what works and what does not work has led to financial victory for the clients I serve. That process has led to the birth of this book, Winning The Money Game: Separating The Myths From The Truth.


ike ikokwu

After achieving financial independence at the age of 34 in 2008, he refers to himself as “The Financial Independence Coach.” The clients he serves fall into one of two groups. The first group of clients he serves are baby boomers with liquid investable assets who are willing to delegate all of their financial and investment headaches to someone that can help minimize them. These are clients who have expressed frustration with not getting anywhere close to their retirement goals. So, what he does is show them a 3-step process he uses to design a plan to address their financial and investment headaches. These plans are designed to help clients who would like to seek the growth of their investment portfolios while managing risk so they can achieve financial independence.

Investment Planning 

Why Choose
Winning The Money Game?

For as many decades as surveys have been conducted on Affluent Families, this much has been true. Affluent Americans want more out of their relationship with their advisor. They want an advisor that is on top of what matters most to their investments…not one that is barely keeping up. Through a proactive relationship with our clients, we keep our clients informed on the latest changes to laws, regulations and economic trends that could affect their financial well being today, or in the future.

Our investment plan has a very specific design purpose and benefit when placed within your portfolio. The problem is many affluent families own investments whose design purpose and benefits serve the needs of the advisor versus that of the client. As Fiduciaries, we are not under any specific mandate by a brokerage firm to sell financial or investment products that mostly align with the needs of the brokerage firm, it’s owners, and Wall Street. By being independent registered investment advisors, we can look at the entire spectrum of investments choices to find only the right investment solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

Retirement Planning 

What is Retirement Planning? It’s been said that the best way to define something is to start by defining what it isn’t…so here we go. Far too often, affluent families and retirees are approached by non-­fiduciaries like an insurance agent, banker or stock broker to help them with their retirement planning. These efforts typically boil down to “camouflaged” attempts to simply sell the client an insurance product, a banking product or stocks the broker wants to sell, all of which are good for the people selling them, but often times not very good for the client. Such efforts fail to account for the family’s financial goals, risk tolerance, unique circumstances or desired outcomes.

True Retirement Planning begins by working with a Trusted Advisor, a fiduciary who will take a comprehensive look at a client’s overall financial circumstances, and design a custom plan to address the client’s unique situation, taking into account the client’s goals, needs, desires, risk tolerance and other relevant financial and non-­financial data. A well designed plan really incorporates other disciplines like investment planning, income planning, tax planning and estate planning.