For many years, diversifying your portfolio was the gold standard for protecting your assets and minimizing risk. Then we had the year 2008. In 2008, Modern Portfolio Theory, was turned upside down as ALL investment asset classes suffered losses that year. Even if you were sitting in CASH, the only place you could find safety in 2008, you still lost money when you factor what inflation for the year was versus what you could earn in CASH.

Asset protection in the twenty­first century calls for a strategy that isn’t dependent on just having a diversified portfolio. Rather, your portfolio must not only be defensive in nature, but must also be able to actively respond to the systematic risks in the investment environment that can demolish your portfolio and have you only worth half of what you were once worth. Including investments in your portfolio that can protect you from the risk of suffering huge and unacceptable losses in retirement, while also fighting against the threat of inflation, is a superior strategy. These strategies are a more effective means of truly protecting your assets.

Working with private wealth managers that are tactical in nature, and that have long histories of protecting your assets during bad market cycles, while being opportunistic during good market cycles, provides you the peace of mind that your investments assets are truly protected.

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