With pensions disappearing and markets sometimes unpredictable, Social Security is becoming more critical than ever in creating a lifetime income stream in retirement.

Studies show that for about 40% of our population, Social Security represents about 90% of the income they are receiving in retirement. So for about 120 million people, 90% of their income at retirement is being derived from Social Security. Additionally, for those that are considered to be high income earners, married couples making over $500,000 a year, or single filers making over $250,000 a year, 33% of their discretionary income at retirement is being derived from Social Security.

So no matter where you lie on the income earning stratosphere, Social Security will account for a significant amount of your discretionary income at retirement. The difficulty for many is that there are literally hundreds of options for when and how you elect Social Security benefits. To make matters worse, the vast majority of retirees are not aware that the difference between a good Social Security election decision, and a poor one, is regularly more than $100,000 in income over your lifetime.

If you’ve worked hard for 30 or more years paying into the system, and now that it is time to collect your benefits, you make the wrong election and end up leaving over $100,000 in income on the Social Security table, that’s not a very wise choice. And, since you are now aware of this, you can’t claim ignorance as the reason.

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